90s Political Ads

Bill Clinton

Hope (1992)

Fighting for the Forgotten Middle Class (1992)

America Back (1996)

Can’t Afford Four More Years (1992)

Anti Dole (1996)

George H.W. Bush

What I am Fighting For (1992)

American Renewal (1992)

Guess Where He’ll Get the Money (1992)

Change Must Be Guided By Principle (1992)

Bob Dole

Dole Tax Cut Plan (1996)

Teen Drug Use (1996)

Illegal Aliens (1996)

Ross Perot

Voting Your Conscience (1992)

Balancing the Budget & Reforming Government

The Issue is Leadership

Miscellaneous 1990s Political Ads

Jesse Ventura for MN Governor Action Figure (1998)

Mitch McConnell Polio Scare (1990)

Bernie Sanders Movie Cameo (1999)

Donald Trump Pizza Hut Commercial (1995)