90s Music Commercials

Bands and music artists from the 90s were something special – from flannel-clad grunge bands to soulful R&B groups to faux-country superstars and everything in between. Check out some music-centric advertising from the greatest decade below. We hope our suggestions impress you.

90s Music GIF – Shania Twain, "That Don't Impress Me Much"


Pop Open an MTV

Back in the days when MTV actually showed music, rather than raucous reality shows, they were worth watching. This 90s ad shows a unique sense of humor that seems to have been lost with the television channel.


What is a Hit?

Sting stars in this VH1 ad, showing a compilation of some most famous artists throughout time, like Steve Winwood, the B52s and some cartoon-Paula Abdul duo. Sting promotes the channel with only one line, “If it’s on VH1, it’s a hit!”


In Utero Album Commercial

The biggest band in the 90s outside of the pop world was undoubtedly Nirvana. Drummer Dave Grohl, bassist Krist Novaselic and guitarist Pat Smear still play and tour together in the Foo Fighters.


Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson, the twangy country singer, teamed up with Ford to deliver a parody of his own song, “Crazy ‘Bout A Mercury”. I guess they know who their target audience is…

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