90s Advertising

A website dedicated to the best 1990s advertising, from slogans to commercials to print ads and more. Explore all there is to see from the decade that gave us pop-culture icons like Howard Stern and Michael Jordan, unique lingo from “hella” to “as if!” to “talk to the hand”, and great fads such as Beanie Babies and the ever-so-fashionable turtleneck/overall combination. The nostalgia is hitting hard… Booyah!

1. Budweiser


2. Taco Bell

“¡Yo Quiero Taco Bell!” (1997)

3. America Online

“You’ve Got Mail” (1995)

4. National Milk Processor Education Program

“Got Milk?”

5. Wendy’s

“Where’s the Beef?”

6. LifeCall

“I’ve Fallen and I’ve Can’t Get Up!”

7. Pringles

“Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop”

8. Doublemint Gum

“Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun”

9. Chili’s & N’SYNC

“I Want My Baby Back Ribs”

10. Mentos

“The Freshmaker”

11. Folgers

“The Best Part of Waking Up” (1996)

12. Jesse Ventura for Minnesota Governor 

“Action Figure”

13. California Raisins

“Singing Raisins” (1990)

14. Huggies

“Mommy Wow! I’m a Big Kid Now” (1993)

15. Rice-a-Roni

“The San Francisco Treat”

16. Lucky Charms

“They’re Magically Delicious” (1998)

17. Moon Shoes

“More Fun”

18. Pogs

“Pog is the Word”

19. Mountain Dew

“Do the Dew” (1994)

20. Cool Whip

“Whip it Good” (1992)

21. Bill Clinton

“Hope” (1992)

22. Friends

“Underwear” (1995)

23. My Little Pony

“My Little Pony”

24. Gameboy

“Have You Had Your Fun Today?”

25. Miss Cleo

“Call Miss Cleo” (1998)